Avoid The Post Christmas Guilt

Did you over indulge a little too much this festive season? Whether it be work parties, advent calendars, Christmas day festivities or all the other delicious foods that make up Christmas, you’ve been left feeling bloated, wobbly and guilty.

Research has shown that most people never lose the weight they put on over Christmas, and the extra weight will add up year after year.

Did you know there are some simple ways you can avoid the post Christmas guilt!

  • Get a gym membership for Christmas
  • Prepay for numerous gym classes leading up to and after Christmas
  • Limit your indulgences over the holidays
  • Commence a Teatox in the new year or join our SkinnyMe Tea weight loss programs to assist weight loss and improve strength, tone and fitness.
  • Have healthy alternatives prepared
  • Only eat when your hungry
  • Avoid trigger foods
  • Limit alcohol consumption
  • Start the SkinnyMe Tea January challenge
  • Set New Years resolutions to stay healthy and active
  • Eat vegetarian over Christmas
  • Don’t fill your plate
  • Fill up on healthy low calorie meals before attending parties where junk food will be present
  • On days where you know you will overeat plan to exercise early in the morning


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