5 Tips to make your health a priority in 2016

This year its time to make yourself and your health a priority.  All too often we set resolutions, with the best intentions, to put our health first however, its much harder putting this plan into real life action.  Here are some tips for you to remember throughout 2016 to put your health first.

Make more you time

This may seem the most important and straight forward tip, but it will most definitely prove the most difficult.  Everyday stressors such as work, family and health can leave you feeling like your constantly on the go.  Creating me time everyday is essential; time to sit back, de stress and organize your commitments creates more time for you to make better health and lifestyle decisions.

Eat well

If you don’t have time to sit down to a healthy meal three times a day, then its essential you make sure that the foods you are eating on the go are nourishing and full of essential nutrients.  Foods such as raw nuts, pre chopped veggies & greens, fruit, homemade muesli bars, healthy wraps, pretty much anything you make yourself from scratch is better than any premade packet foods. 

Set goals

Sometimes having large goals to work towards is enough motivation, other times setting mini goals can assist you and be more beneficial to get you there.  One things for sure, goal setting is going to push your limits, its amazing how rewarding goal setting can be.  Setting goals can be a great way to kick-start your new healthy lifestyle, and there is no better time than 2016!

Walk everywhere (as much as you can)

Its easy, cheap and beats being stuck on a crowded train.  There are countless ways to move more every day; walk down to the shops, get off a few stops early and walk to work, park further away from the office and walk the rest, offer to walk to the lunch pick up, walk to the gym the opportunities to walk are never ending.

Make fitness fun

Not everyone loves the gym, or the thought of exercising, but this should not be used as an excuse to escape exercise.  Find your exercise niche, it might be yoga, cross fit, running club,  pilates etc. the important thing is that you find a way to exercise that is not intimidating and that you will actually enjoy.


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