Detox your summer bbq

BBQ season is currently upon us here in Australia and it doesn’t have to ruin your Detox (or Feb fast plans).  If you are on a health kick or taking a break from the booze and sugar you can still enjoy your favourite season of the year, BBQ season. 

Here are our tips for staying healthy and clean eating your favourite BBQ foods.


Grill your salad!

Chargrilling your favourite vegetables is a delicious alternative to marinated meets!  Grilling vegetables such as carrots, capsicum, onion, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes and pumpkin make a flavourful salad! Add a dash of olive oil and sprinkle some goats cheese and you have a tasty, healthy and fresh salad.


Swap your alcoholic beverages.

Swap your usual beer and cider for a healthy alternative.  Try coconut water or maple water! You could even make a fruit punch by chopping your favourite fruits and adding them to a pitcher of coconut water and maple.  Not only is this a health alternative to beer this will be super hydrating after the hot summers day!


Choose your meats wisely.

Avoid all fatty cuts of meat, we know steak, rissoles and sausages are the go to BBQ meats however why not replace those meats for a lovely fillet of fresh salmon or flake.  These can be cooked on the BBQ in foil, or cooked on the grill the bbq! Add a splash of lemon and brush with fresh dill to naturally flavour your fish


For more detox recipes, take a look at our weight loss programs.  With over 100 healthy and nutritious recipes our weight loss programs are the perfect guide to assist weight loss and improve health and fitness

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