How to feel less bloated by the end of the day

  • Hot water and Lemon; wakes up your digestive system and boosts your metabolism.
  • Dairy-free diet; for many people dairy is their biggest discomfort, it can be heavy and the cause of bloating.
  • Green Smoothie; has everything you need to cleanse your system and beat the bloat.
  • Eat slow; eating too quickly can cause air to get trapped on our system, eating slowing will minimize the bloating caused by this air.
  • Cut out the chewing gum; chewing gums causes you to swallow more air, also the sugars cause bloating.
  • Drink more water; flush your system to assist with reducing the bloat
  • Quinoa; rich in fiber and potassium, quinoa is fantastic to rid bloating!
  • Up your fiber; snacking on fiber rich foods will keep you feel full, energized and bloat-free
  • Drink tea with ginger; ginger is a fantastic spice to assist with cleansing and any bloating you may have after a meal!
  • Get plenty of sleep; sleep assists with metabolism regulation, a lack of sleep can cause sluggishness.


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