How to stay on track during Feb Fast

Had a hard day of work and finding it difficult to avoid that after work drink?  Take a look at our tips to help you stay on track and booze and sugar free this February. 

  1. Hide the booze.

Get rid of it, donate it to a worthy charity, make it into furniture or give to your neighbour. Anything. Just don’t have it around the house.

  1. Hide the wine glasses.

There’s no point doing the above if you’re reminded what you’re missing every time you open the kitchen cupboards.

  1. Discuss FebFastwith your partner.

‘DON’T YOU KNOW I’M DOING FEBFAST!’ is one line you don’t want to hear coming out of your mouth. Chat through some house-rules: drinking in front of each other, drinking at dinner etc etc. Do this now. Why not ask them to sign up and do it together?

  1. Vino trickery.

Some fasters pour their favourite soft drink into a wine glass. Your brain will relax back into its deckchair, pick up the crossword and think about what’s for dinner. No alarms and no surprises.

  1. Experiment with soft drinks.

Chances are the soft drinks aisle at your local supermarket gets just 30 seconds of trolley time…in Feb, slow down and experiment a bit. You might waste a little money on carbonated refreshment – but it’s nothing compared to the cash you’re saving by not popping next door for a couple of bottles of Chardonnay. Just check the sugar content if you’re doing FebFast Sugar too.

  1. Rewards. Re-think ’em.

A tough day at work? A long day with the kids? A phone call with the parents about blah, blah, blah? We all need rewards and, right now, the fridge is not holding the answers. Do not wait till Feb 1st – sit down now and write some rewards. Get imaginative coz you’ll be annoyed with yourself if you hit the chocolate. Maybe it’s 30 minutes with a game you wanted to play? A new book? Somewhere new for dinner?


Most importantly, make sure you know the main goal you want to achieve through all this. Whether it’s a few inches off the waistline or a clear head on Saturday morning, write your goals down, stick them on the wall. It works for the best sports teams in the world. It’ll work for you. Good luck!

Use our Weight Loss programs as the perfect tool to help you stay on track this Feb Fast.  The programs can be used as a weight loss tool to keep your new healthy lifestyle.

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