Why you should cleanse and detoxify your body

It is extremely important to remove unwanted toxins from our system,  which potentially can be interfering with our body’s natural pathways of the brain and vital organs. When your body’s ability to detoxify itself is compromised, you can no longer properly deal with the abundance of toxins arising from your environment, the by-products of your metabolism, or your digestions. As a result, your body will naturally trap the toxins in fat cells and store them until such a time as you can deal with them again. 

To sustain a healthy weight, it is important to regularly detoxify your body as the build up of toxins in our body can interfere with weight loss attempts.  When we detox, it is equally important not to introduce too many new toxic substances such as those in cigarettes, alcohol, processed foods and food additives.  Undergoing a detoxification diet once a year and maintaining a good, clean diet should be sufficient to help you stay at a healthy weight, and to sustain your general well being.

Our natural Teatox can assist your body with detoxifications processes and when combined with a healthy diet and exercise can maximize the weight loss and detoxification effects.

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