Healthy Foods You Are Eating Wrong

Healthy foods you're eating wrong

We have the best intentions when we choose to snack on healthy foods, but did you know that by consuming them the wrong way they can be not so healthy and loose all their valuable nutrition.

Here are some commonly misunderstood or misused healthy foods,


Peanut Butter

Its delicious and the perfect accompaniment to a celery stick, but did you know that depending on which peanut butter you purchase it could be more salt and sugar then peanuts?  Choose natural peanut butters (organic where possible) and read the labels, the only ingredients should be a pinch of salt and whole lot of peanuts.  Alternatively, you can make your own peanut butter.


Dried Fruit

It sounds healthy right? Wrong! Dried fruits are usually dusted with sugars to increase their shelf life.  Make sure you read the packet of the dried fruit you choose, and make sure there are no added sugars, the label should only read the fruit that is in the bag.



Yes, we understand that some people do not enjoy munching on raw broccoli, but did you know that boiling your broccoli can draw all the nutrients out of the vegetable and into the boiling water?  Your best bet Is to blanch broccoli and make sure it is still a vibrant green color!



Everyone’s favorite on the go snack, which is exactly how you should eat them. Do no peel your apples people! Most of the vitamins and minerals are found in the peel, why would you want to get rid of all the nutritional value?


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