Simple diet and fitness tips

Police your portions

When placing your foods on your plate, make sure you follow the rules.  Meat should be the size of your palm, veggies should consume half the plate and a small portion of carbs grains i.e. brown rice, quinoa or freekeh.


Fuel yourself

Don’t look at foods as high or low calorie, look at the foods you consume as energy to fuel your body.  If you are doing high intensity exercise and planning on burning a lot of calories opt for foods that will provide ample energy for you to take on the day.


Plan your snacks

Everybody gets to that stage in the day, where they are hungry but dinner or lunch aren’t too far away.  The best thing to do in this situation is to be pre prepared!  Cut up fruits and vegetables, bring a bag of nuts or steam some vegetables preparation is key in this circumstance.  Having fresh and healthy snacks on hand will keep you for reaching for a sugary snack.


Find a fitness buddy

A workout buddy is extremely helpful for keeping motivated, you need to make sure you find someone who will inspire and not discourage.  This will certainly keep your exercise regime fun and effective.


Curb your sweet tooth

Sugar cravings are unpredictable, which is why you will always need to be prepared.  Instead of reaching for a muffin, slice of cake or glass of soft drink why not try something equally as sweet, without the calorie content.  Fruit is naturally sweet and is sure to curb that sugar craving, otherwise why not try a fruity and sweet iced tea! 


The ‘SkinnyMe Bikini Body Program’ (8 weeks) and the ‘SkinnyMe Detox Program’ (4 weeks) have been designed specifically to work in conjunction with our signature 14Day and 28Day Teatox, combining nutrition and exercise to maximise the weight loss and detoxification effects.


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