4 strategies to keep the weight off for good.

Almost anyone who has gone through a weight loss transformation will agree that the easy part is losing the weight, the hardest part is keeping that weight off and not falling back into the old routines and habits that made us gain weight to begin with.  So your down to your dream weight and want to stay at this weight? Here are 4 proven strategies to keep the weight off and maintain your new body.


  1. Use the scale
    Now we aren’t telling you to check in daily, more like every fortnight.  Using the scale every fortnight is just a way for you to check in on your body and whether there have been any changes.  If there have been no changes, keep up the great work if you have gained a little weight the great news is that its only a two-week difference and in the following two weeks work hard to get your body back on track.  The best time to weigh yourself is in the morning, without clothes, take a deep breath, stand on the scales and look forward.
  1. Continue to build movement into your day
    Now that you have lost weight, exercise is much easier than at the start! Don’t forget that to keep the weight off you will need to continue to exercise and push your body to new limits.

  2. Remind yourself where you started
    Something as simple as a before picture in your wallet or a on the fridge can be all the motivation you need to not fall back into those habits. Look at the photo to remind yourself where you never want to be again and of corse of how much you have achieved.

  3. Keep a food diary
    Perhaps you have gained a tiny amount of weight and really unsure why, this is when a food diary is a fantastic tool to reflect on.  A food diary should contain all of the foods you have eaten over the course of the day, with as in-depth information as you can provide.  You can see where you have eaten not so healthy and then choose to eat a healthier alternative in the future.  Its really great to see where you have slipped up and if those slip ups have contributed to your weight gain.

We spent a year collaborating with experts in nutrition, naturopathy, personal training and yoga to bring you these quality and effective Programs which are easily incorporated into your daily routine and produce real results.  Keep the weight off with our Weight Loss Programs, that can be used long after your program has ended.


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