Detox shopping list essentials

Below are some simple tips on the foods to stock up on and the foods to avoid all together when your are doing a detox. 


These are some foods NOT to buy / consume during your detox 

Stay away from: refined white sugar and salt / some meat / dairy / animal fats / refined white flour products [bread, pasta] / grains / all refined foods [ie, if it comes in a packet] / caffeinated drinks / alcohol / soft drinks


Here is a list of food basics you should be buying/consuming on your detox: 

Brown rice / quinoa / buckwheat / oats / spelt / rye flour

Plain unsweetened full fat yoghurt / butter – in moderation

Rice milk / almond milk / oat milk / non-homogenised organic milk

Free range organic eggs

Olive oil / coconut oil / flaxseed oil /

Raw honey / rice bran syrup or brown rice syrup / 100% pure maple syrups

Organic vegetables / organic fruits / seeds / nuts

Sparkling mineral water / coconut water / freshly squeezed juices

Only consume lean meats such as / beef / turkey / chicken / lamb / all with as little fat as possible

Seafood such as / flathead / whiting / snapper / squid / red emperor / prawns


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