Best ways to lose weight in a week

Do a Teatox

The new and improved SkinnyMe Teatox includes a Morning Cleanse and Night Cleanse to help clear out your system.  Our Teatox can assist weight loss by promoting efficient bowel function when combined with healthy eating and exercise can assist weight loss and reduce bloating.


Consume water

Cut out the sports or energy drinks, smoothies, beer etc.  These are all roughly 100 calories per serving, if you want to cut the calories, cut the drinks and consume water instead.  Water has zero calories carbs or sugar and will assist flushing out any toxins from your system. This will promote weight loss.


Ban white bread, pasta and refined products

Cutting out all white grain products such as rice, pasta and bread can instantly slim you down!  The simple carbs, that these products are full of, cause bloating and can greatly contribute to weight gain.  These carbs are digested very quickly and can therefore leave you feeling hungry and can be the cause of over eating.


30 Minutes of Cardio a day

Cardio is a great exercise method that gets the blood pumping, the heart racing and the calories burning!  Just 30 minutes a day can burn off any over eaten calories.  Cardio activities tend to be all body workouts which double as they can trim and tone our whole body.


Get plenty of sleep

Sleep is the time of night where our body can rest, repair and regenerate.  The more time we are sleeping the better out metabolism will be to take on the day.  When we are asleep our body uses fat as an energy source, this means we burn fat whilst we sleep!!


Get your SkinnyMe Tea Teatox today, to feel the SkinnyMe difference,


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