Why you're not losing weight


You’re eating all the calories you burn.

Exercise will help you lose weight when you are not eating the extra calories you burn, this is called energy deficit and your body needs to be in this stage for a prolonged time to burn body fat and lose weight.


You’re relying on exercise alone

This best recipe for weight loss is to consume less food (calories) and increase your exercise levels, don’t just try one of these methods.


You’re not eating as healthy as you think

Don’t assume you are eating healthy foods, see a nutritionist or dietician on what foods you should be consuming and how much food you should be consuming to lose weight.  Most people underestimate the the quantity of food they eat, read labels to understand serving sizes.


You’re doing the wrong kind of exercise

Cardio alone is not going to get those flat abs, a combination of resistance training, high intensity interval training, low intensity interval training and strength training.  Lifting weights will keep your body burning calories long after your workout!


You’re not consistent.

Eating healthy and exercising should be apart of your lifestyle, not just a once a week thing.  Consistency is key for any weight loss! 


You’re not measuring your cm’s.

The scale may not be moving, but is the weight shifting?  Don’t forget to take measurements of your waist circumference, arm circumference, thigh circumference and hip circumference.  You will be amazing just how little your weight can change but your body can change substantially.


You don’t need to lose weight.

You may already be at a healthy body weight/BMI and do not need to lose any weight!   There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose weight, but keep in mind that without having weight to lose it can be extremely difficult, use your body fat % as an indicator of whether you need to lose weight, a healthy body fat % for women is 15-25% for men 5-15% is healthy.


There are underlying issues.

If you have tried everything, with no success, there may be an underlying health issue. It would not hurt to see your GP for a health check.


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