Benefits of keeping hydrated

 Flush out unwanted toxins

Consuming lots of water will naturally flush your body of unwanted toxins.  Whether it be through sweat, or increased bathroom visits the extra water we drink will assist the natural detoxification methods for our body.


Glowing Skin

With proper hydration, your skin can glow.  Without proper hydration your body cannot rid itself of the toxins that can cause irritated, inflames and congested skin.  As a result your skin can have breakouts and become inflamed and itchy.


Assist weight loss / Prevent weight gain

You will be amazed at just how many time you can mistake dehydration for hunger.  Next time you are hungry reach for a glass of water.  Drinking plenty of water can prevent over eating and inturn assist with weight loss or prevent weight gain.


Slow down the aging process

Periods of dehydration can cause the cells of our body/organs to work harder, this has aging effects.  Drinking plenty of water will keep you looking young and feeling young.


Fight off fatigue

You cannot work/operate at your best if you are dehydrated.  Water is one of the main component for the energy pathways in our body.  Staying hydrated will ensure you have ample energy to get you through the day.


SMT Coconut Powder is a natural way to refresh and rehydrate.  We’ve harnessed the nourishing properties of coconut water to provide you with a thirst-quenching coconut powder designed for on-the-go hydration.  Perfect for those with busy lifestyles, simply add to your water and enjoy the nutritional benefits! 

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