Nutrition Myths Busted

Its healthier to eat egg whites and avoid yolks

For years, people have been avoiding the egg yolk, little did they know that the egg yolk contains more than 90% of the calcium, iron and B vitamins that are found in the egg!

The yolk contains all of the eggs fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) which will help to keep you full and satisfied after your meal!  Yes the yolk does contain cholesterol however, cholesterol is a major part of all our cell membranes and has a much smaller effect on blood sugar levels than once thought.  Eggs are the perfect breakfast, so try your best to stop avoiding the yolk and enjoy them for the beautiful protein source that they are!!


Fat free / low fat is a better dairy choice

When a dairy item is fat free or low fat the general rule is that it then becomes high in sugar and vice versa.  Your best bet is to choose a product in its most natural form i.e. natural yoghurt!


Granola is healthy

Yes, granola can be a healthy choice, but this is dependant on the ingredients in the granola mix.  Often store brought granolas are chock full of sugar and refined products to keep the ingredient crisp and tasty.  Try making your own granola from scratch with all natural and unrefined ingredients and you can always add a blob of natural yoghurt!


Multigrain and wheat breads are a healthy choice

Most multigrain and wheat bread are just white bread with added grains!  Make sure you read the packaging and only choose products with 100 % wheat or 100% whole grain.  If the ingredient list is long and full of things you cannot understand, then put the bread down and choose another.


Potatoes are bad for you

Potatoes have definitely been given a bad rap over the past few years!  Yes they are high in carbohydrates but white potatoes are also packed full of fibre which can keep you regular and feeling full (this will stop you from snacking). 


Diet soft drinks assist weight loss

Diet soft drinks are riddled with artificial sweeteners and chemicals!!  These artificial sweeteners have been linked to weight gain for their ability to increase appetite and contribute to sweet cravings!

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