How SMT helped Jessica get her confidence back

How SkinnyMe Tea helped Jessica get her confidence back and lose her Explore Trip weight 

Here is her story - After travelling for 7 months I gained 30kg from delicious foods like pastries in France and chocolates in Germany. I didn't realise how overweight I had become until my boyfriends parents constantly told me I was "fat". I finally got the motivation to join a gym and the 12-week challenge they had going on. The first 4 weeks I lost a few kilos but nothing dramatic a friend suggested I try SMT, I bought 4 weeks worth. It increased my energy immediately thus helping me lose more kilos and burn extra fat. I was so happy I ordered another 4 weeks worth of SMT and the results keep progressing and I feel fantastic. I want to say a huge thanks to SMT for helping me on my weight loss journey. With another 20 Kg to lose I will continue to use SMT with exercise and healthy eating.

You too could get amazing results like this babe with the help of SMT!

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