How SMT helped gave Charlotte the extra boost she needed


SkinnyMe tea helped give Charlotte the extra boost she needed to achieve the results she's been looking for.

Here is her story

"Good Afternoon Beautiful Girls! Just thought I'd show you my results! I've recently tried your 14 day teatox and have LOVED it. I started my journey in April at 75kg and with clean eating, exercising a lot and recently starting your tea I have weighed in this morning at 61.5kg! I am so happy and excited to see how much more my beautiful body can achieve! Thankyou ❤?☕"

You too could get amazing results like this babe with the help of SMT!


  • Nickita

    This is an amazing transformation ! Really hope I can achieve some too with the help of SMT.

  • angelica ramos

    I love reading these! They motivate me and help me to see the light in the tunnle! I cant wait to get the results i want :) great job girl!

  • RMoreno

    I tried this tea last summer for the first time and it works and taste great. I lost about 15 pounds with mid clean eating and exercising 4 days a week.

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