Alexandra's Amazing Result thanks to SMT


SMT helped give Alexandra the extra boost she needed to achieve the results she's been looking for.

Here is her feedback:

"Hey skinny me team! I just wanted to send you a big THANK YOU! Your tea has changed my life! I've been battling a binge eating disorder for 3 years now....I've tried EVERY diet on the market...and this is the first thing I've come across that makes me feel HAPPY for the very first time! I'm not sure how much I've lost though on my 28 day teatox. I've been trying to stay off the scale...stop weighing pounds...and start weighing happiness! Thanks to your life has made a complete 180 and I'm WELL on my way to my dream body I've always wanted. So thank you so much."

You too could get amazing results like this babe with the help of SMT!


  • jacci

    ahhh that’s awesome!! Really inspiring also; can’t wait to try it all!

  • MAddynn

    I want to try this so badly !!

  • ashley

    can’t wait to try one!!

  • Auke

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the results of your teatoxes!!! ?

  • Kristen

    Appreciate your post!

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