10 Products you should avoid putting on your face

We read our food packaging labels, so why shouldn’t we know what to look out for on our cosmetic labels. 

We have provided a list of ingredients to look out for on your cosmetic labels as well as how to avoid these ingredients. 

  1. Synthetic Fragrance, to avoid synthetic fragrances look for products that say “no fragrance added, phthalate free or do not have “Fragrance” listed in the ingredients list.
  2. Parabens, avoid products that contain methylparaben, propylparaben, isoprene, butylparaben (any word with paraben on the end)
  3. Ureas and DMDM, known as diazolidinyl urea, imidazolidnyl urea or DMDM hydantoin and sodium hydroxymethyl-glycinate. Avoid these ingredients
  4. Sulfates, when reading the ingredients avoid products that contain dodecyl sodium sulphate, lauryl ether sulphate and even sodium salt.
  5. Petrochemicals, always look for petroleum free on the label or search the ingredients list for the presence of this chemical.
  6. MEA/DEA/TEA or amines, when reading the ingredients label look for ingredients ending in “amine”
  7. Triclosan, avoid unnecessary use of antibacterial products and look for products that do not contain “triclosan”
  8. 1,4-dioxane, skip any product with the following ingredients: myreth, oleth, laureth, ceteareth, PEG, polyethylene, polyethylene glycol, polyoxyethylene or oxynol.
  9. Synthetic polymers, look for sodium polyacrylate and carbomer on the label of your cosmetics.
  10. Chemical Sunscreens, choose a sunscreen or product with titanium dioxide or zinc oxide instead.


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  • Marijke

    No fragrances is such a good point. I have a very sensitive skin and making sure none of my producst contain synthetic fragrances helped me so much.

  • Amber

    Love this post! Has some great tips!

  • Kelsey

    Great Post!

  • Shaenna

    This is really cool! I never knew

  • anyannete armenta

    Great tips! This is very helpful!

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