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Foods that will help you sleep

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Do you have issue's falling to sleep? Have you tried everything? From chamomile tea, sleeping tablets, meditation and those funny forest sounds.  We bet you didn't know that some foods can help you fall asleep.  Next time you are finding it difficult to doze off, try introducing one of these foods into your dinner.

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  • Super helpful! Gonna try some of these things

    Olivia on
  • love this!!

    alexis on
  • I love to know these things ?? Sleep is so important for your bod!

    Grace on
  • Love this! I can never get a proper nights sleep. Definitely going to try these out! Fingers crossed!

    Marycarmen B on
  • I’m definitely going to try these and i always have trouble sleeping! Thanks for the advice :)

    Elsiewhinge on

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