Goal setting with SMT

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Whatever your goal; weight loss, healthy eating, exercise, run a marathon..... it is important to set goals and hold yourself accountable for reaching these goals. 

On a separate piece of paper write down these 3 Questions:

1. What is my Goal?
2. What is stopping me from achieving this goal?
3. What steps can I take to achieve this goal?

Keep this piece of paper in a place where you will frequently see like:

• On the fridge

• Bedside table

• On your mirror

• On a mood board

Make this commitment to yourself! To help achieve this goal you can create multiple mini goals to keep yourself motivated, make sure you write them down, remember to cross them off as they are achieved. Once you have achieved this goal start again, goals can change all the time, it’s a great way to keep motivated and consistent.

Do not focus on the goals you haven’t achieved, simply start fresh and never dwell on the past. Goal setting is about being the best you can be, in the present, to achieve your goals. And don’t forget to celebrate every success!

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