Spring Clean your Mind and De-Stress with these Simple Tips!

  1. Take up meditation – Clear your mind. Meditation is an excellent tool to calm the mind, de-stress and reduce anxiety. It is as simple as going somewhere quite, sitting with your eyes closed and listening to your breathing.
  2. Write it down – Journal writing is an excellent way to vent and see anything that might be bothering you, more clearly. List making is a great tool that allows you to order your thoughts; Gratitude Lists allow you to see the positives and appreciate them, and To Do Lists can be prioritized, giving you a focus. Lastly, writing down your goals is a great way to stay on track.
  3. Sweat it out – Exercising helps to de-stress, gives you a boost of endorphins and can give you more energy and ability to deal with day to day stress. For an extra boost, exercise outside in the fresh air. The dose of Vitamin C will do you good and the fresh air can increase energy levels.
  4. Unplug – Have a day or an evening free from screens. No TV, Phone, Radio, etc. Break from the constant information overload, it can be overwhelming, clutter your thoughts and make it a lot harder to switch off and relax.
  5. Get some rest – Take time to relax and get a good night sleep!
  6. Take a holiday – Even if it’s just a weekend away, taking the time to escape from everyday life can be very beneficial. You get to relax and it gives you something to look forward to. Head to the country and go on a hike, surround yourself with nature, get fresh air and exercise or try the beach to benefit from the healing properties of the ocean, salty air and soothing sound of the waves.
  7. Remove the Negative, embrace the Positive – Give yourself a break from the hyped up negative news, detach yourself from ‘frenemies’ and instead, embrace positivity. Watch a funny movie, be grateful and schedule time to hang out with a pal or pet.
  8. Get creative – Express yourself and have fun! Produce a piece of art, make a beautiful dinner, have a jam session or construct an obstacle course for you and your dog to master!
  9. Clear out the clutter – When your home/workspace is unorganized, you can feel disorganized and distracted. Have a spring clean and you may find it easier to relax in the space more readily.
  10. Smile – Never underestimate the power of a smile. It can improve your chances of overcoming stress and it can make somebody else’s day :) 

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