Symptoms To Expect While You’re Detoxing

During the detoxification process, you may experience headaches and mild nausea, which is usually related to caffeine withdrawal. When you’re feeling nauseous, drink plenty of water and don’t forget to take your vitamin C.

You may also have more frequent or ‘runny’ bowel movements. This is quite normal during a detoxification diet, as your body is trying to eliminate toxic waste through the bowels in the shortest time possible. Some naturopaths refer to this as a “healing crisis” and it is a temporary state which should not last for very long, no more than a few days. There are ways of minimizing the unpleasant effects of a detox such as having a bath in Epsom salts, dry skin brushing and drinking adequate amounts of water.

Pay attention to how you react to the various items in the diet. If there is anything that you can’t tolerate, whether it’s ginger, beetroot or oil capsules – capsules can irritate your stomach, especially when taken on an empty stomach or with liquid only – then remove it from the diet.

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