How to check the status of your shipment

1. Once you receive a notification saying 'Received & Dispatched Processed in the DGM mail terminal' Go to and enter you tracking number.


2. At the bottom of the page in the 'Item Details' box there will be a heading that reads 'Tracking #' with a number beginning with RX. Copy this number.


3. Go to and select the appropriate region  (ie. Global & US, UK & Ireland etc.) Then select your local post provider. For Example USA would select USPS.


4. Paste your RX tracking number in the bar at the top of the page and click track.


5. You can enter your email address to receive notifications about your shipment.


NOTE: If no tracking information appears or if you cannot find your postage provider you will need to enter the RX number directly on your postage providers website. For example UK would go to