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Our all NEW SMT tonics as designed to give your body the extra boosts it needs morning to night. 

🍃 Naturopathic designed blends
✨ Rich in antioxidants and minerals 
🧪 Optimally-dosed formula for high potency
🦘 Made in Australia 


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4 x Powerful tonics in there In their rawest, most potent form

AM Tonic | Metabolism + energy

Start your morning with an all natural energy boost. Wake up and rev your metabolism

Plant based energy and metabolism boost. Power a productive morning and support your fat loss goals.

MID Tonic | Debloat + digest

Digest and debloat after lunch. Relief in 30 minutes

A natural tonic to help you digest, detox and reduce bloat after eating. Relieve post-lunch grogginess and feel and look less bloated.

Day Tonic | Brain + focus

Finish the workday with increased energy, focus, and mental clarity 

Your brain's afternoon pick me up. Kick that 3pm slump and finish the day with increased focus.

PM Tonic | Sleep + stress

Switch off and relax before bed. For deeper, more restful sleep

Drink before bed to calm down and shut off your brain. De-stress and recover for the day ahead.

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MID tonic

Debloat + digest


DAY tonic

Brain + Focus


PM tonic

Sleep + Stress