What does SkinnyMe tea taste like?

Loose Leaf

The ingredients in the Loose Leaf compliment each other nicely – the slight bitterness of the Yerba Mate and Green Tea is well balanced by the citrus taste of the Lemongrass and the sweetness of the Goji berries. Enjoy hot or cold!


Colon Cleanse

The unique blend of herbs in our Colon Cleanse produces a delicate earthy flavour – even if you brew if for over 5 minutes it will not be bitter, acidic or grassy in taste. 


Try adding honey, maple syrup or natural sweetener to enhance the taste. Otherwise why not try infusing it with Peppermint Tea bag to give it a crisp, fresh taste – plus Peppermint Tea has beneficial digestive properties. 


You can also make SkinnyMe tea into iced tea if you would prefer - simply brew the tea as normal, allow it to cool and then add ice, lemon etc.



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