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“Thank you so much SkinnyMe tea for helping me achieve my goal weight! The results don't only look amazing but I feel so much healthier and happier too :) along with eating healthy and regular exercise, SkinnyMe tea has helped me lose 6 kg!”

“Just thought I'd share my progress with you. I have done 2 x SkinnyMe Teatox 14 Day Packs and have now lost 10kg. I feel amazing, thank you.”

“I used SkinnyMe Tea to aid my fitness journey. Being a personal trainer I knew the exercises I needed to do, however, I needed an edge on my nutrition. I decided to go out on a limb and try SkinnyMe Tea as something different. And the results were immediate. The photos I sent you are four weeks apart.”

“This is a before and after shot after doing the SkinnyMe Teatox 28 Day Pack. I've toned up so much! It's been really hard to lose weight, I've tried heaps of ways, and this detox was the best thing! I felt so crap about my body, but I'm feeling so much better! I really wanna do it again before summer, because I really felt so much better. Thank you so much!! Xx”

“Over the past 3 months I've done 2 x SkinnyMe Teatox Packs the first a 28 day the second a 14 Day and all up I've lost 11kg I'm so happy with the results I've just started my 3rd 14 Day Teatox and I'm only 5 kg away from my goal weight and I have SkinnyMe Tea to thank for that thank you so much you've seriously changed my life I couldn't have done it without you!!! Xxx”

“Hi SkinnyMe Tea, I just thought I would send through my results from a SkinnyMe Tea 14 Day Teatox. I am extremely happy with the outcome. I finished the SkinnyMe Teatox 14 Day Pack a few weeks ago and I'm so happy with how my body looks. I lost 3.5kgs and a huge 9 cms off my waist during the 14 days. I have continued eating healthily and haven't put on any weight since I finished. I will defiantly buy the product again!”

“I lost an amazing 3kgs after the SkinnyMe Teatox 14 Day Pack. I wasn't sure that it would work but I'm so grateful I tried it thank you so much! I felt so clean and seeing my body change has motivated me to eat better as well I would like to recommend this to everyone and anyone who is uncertain about trying it I suggest you give it a go because it definitely raises your self-esteem.”

“I started at 230 lbs, I now way 150 lbs!!! I would have NEVER achieved this if it wasn't for the inspirational photos, food pics and your tea! It helped me by starting me off clean! I love it and love the new me! I can feel my collar bones and hip bones things I have never experienced. No one understands that being unhealthy and "overweight" is such a different life. Where ever I went I felt judged, embarrassed or ugly. Now I am so much happier, confident and feel amazing!” 

“When I started dating my fiancé I put on some "comfort" weight and have gone up and down for the last 2 years! With my wedding in 7 months away, I just started a 12-week challenge to get to my goal weight for my wedding!! Thought I would do a Teatox to get me started and it has helped so much!! Along with healthy eating, lots of Exercise and SkinnyMe Tea I lost 3 kg in 2 weeks! Loved, loved, loved the Teatox!! Will definitely do another one soon!!”

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