Jan Challenge Day 4 | Go For A Run


There are two types of people in this world – those who love running and those who hate running! But for those who hate running, we recommend giving it a go, as there are so many benefits to be gained.  

If you are a runner, you know that running has changed your life. It’s not just an activity or exercise, it’s a way of life.


Regular running or jogging offers many health benefits, which include -  


Weight control.

Running burns mega-calories. However, it makes you mega-hungry, especially if you are training for long distances.  Running doesn’t give you a pass to eat all the food, all the time.


Relieves stress.

Running boasts the brain’s serotonin levels which make you calmer and more relaxed.


Increased joint strength and stability.

Running increases the strength of your ligaments and tendons. You’ll find your joints will be able to withstand more mileage and more uneven terrain. But that doesn’t mean you will never sprain your ankle again while trail running. It just may mean four weeks on crutches versus eight weeks if you didn’t run.


With all of these fantastic benefits, running will definitely pay off.

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  • Gayle Bull

    I am excited to be doing your January Challenge and I intend to do every day and have a chance at the big prize … I think it’s awesome and is helping me with my new year resolution of being HEALTHIER this year … I also would like to drop a few kilos so this is going to help me with that too. I can’t seem to find the winners announced yet – it says they will be announced each day on IG but I can’t find them? Thank for this challenge and I’m hoping to be a daily winner and try your teas :D

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