How to beat the Afternoon Slump

Whether you have just had a holiday and find it hard to get back into your work regime, lack energy/focus in the afternoon or just get brain fuzz, here are some tips to beat the afternoon slump.

  1. Do yoga at your desk.
    Squeezing in a few quick stretches at your desk will help you feel more awake and vibrant.
  2. Listen to music.
    Music can drastically improve your mood, a great idea is to create a playlist with your favourite uplifting tunes to keep you energised for the rest of the working day.
  3. Get some fresh air.
    Whether it be on your lunch break or 15 minute break, make sure you get outside and take a few deep breathes. Changing your environment will wake up your mind and getting some fresh oxygen will leave you feeling lighter and less sluggish.
  4. Snack on dark chocolate.
    The antioxidants in dark chocolate can lower blood pressure, improve mood and increase focus.
  5. Drink Tea.
    Our new and improved Acai tea blend is an energising blend with a delicious crisp and summery taste for a great pick-me-up in the afternoon (when you need that extra kick to help you get through the day)


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