Protein on a plant based diet

Plant based diets are becoming increasingly popular for their health and weight loss benefits, however many people ask, how does one consume a protein complete diet without any meat products? 


Protein is an essential macronutrient that is a must-have for all growth and repair of our body, it is the building block of like.  Protein is essential is antibody production, fighting illness, transporting nutrients and creating enzymes which catalyze all sorts of chemical reactions on a molecular level.


A plant based diet, still provides sufficient protein that can be considered “complete” and better for us!  Protein is made up of amino acid chains, there are 20 different kinds of amino acids, and 9 have to be provided from our diet, our body cannot make these proteins. Plant based proteins (hemp, spirulina, quinoa) contain all 20 essential amino acids, making them complete protein sources.  Consuming more plant based proteins means you are also increasing your fibre vitamin, mineral and antioxidant consumption, all of which assist your body with functioning at it optimum level. 


Don’t be scared to cut the meat from your diet, increase your plant based proteins to feel the difference!


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  • KAren lUcas

    Hi I am slowly trying to eat and live a healthier lifestyle I have heard a lot about hemp seeds …..I have seen them in the health food stores ect but when I ordered them they came with a sticker slapped across the front saying not for consumption in Australia or newzealand …….so do I eat them ……..and if so how
    Thanx Kaz

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