Kendall Jenner Diet, Workout and Health Secrets

There are only a few celebrities who have achieved fame and success while they are still very young. One of such celebrities is Kim Kardashian’s sister Kendall Jenner. She is a very successful supermodel who has been spreading her magic in various fashion weeks around the world that include her performances in Milan, London, New York and Paris. She is also associated with popular designers like Vera Wang, Chanel and Marc. In short, she is a very hot commodity these days and her looks have a lot to do with it.

The diva seems to be very skinny but has an awesome figure. She maintains and enhances her looks by following a well balanced low carb diet. It should be noted that her sister Kim also lost 56 pounds while following a low carb diet. The only difference is that Kim depended on low carb, high-fat ketogenic-style Atkins diet, whereas Kendall favors low carb Paleo style diet rather than ketogenic diet as she has no need to shed off some pounds.

Diet Preferences

Lean Proteins: The supermodel likes to include a lot of lean protein in her daily diet. It is good option that helps her to watch her weight, keep her heart healthy and feel energized throughout the day. Though we didn’t manage to get data on her exact protein preferences, it can be guessed that she relies a lot on foods like beef cuts such as round steak or top sirloin and ground beef. Such foods offer a person a lot of protein intake without forcing them to eat a lot of fats that can be harmful in more ways than one.
Fresh Vegetables and Fruits: The stunning model also loves to eat raw vegetables and fruits to keep her energy level up. She considers them the best option for snacking and often indulges in them multiple times a day. As per a source, she was also seen eating raw vegetables at a family dinner too. Apple and Strawberries are her preferred fruit choices. She has almost given up her favorite snack items Fritos Chili Cheese chips and is trying hard to replace them with fresh fruits and vegetables.
No Junk Food: Another secret of her hot body and skinny build is that she stays far away from junk food. She understands that junk food may be tempting for a short while but its side effects would harm her body in the long run. Well, we totally agree. Staying away from junk foods not only helps a person to keep in shape but also helps prevent many illnesses. 
Detox Green Tea: Kendall also loves to start her day with a cup of detox green tea. It removes all the wastes from her body and helps keep her healthy. By her own admission, she consumes approximately 12 Cups of the detox green tea on a daily basis. We must say it’s quite a lot.

Kendall’s Healthy Habits

Loads of Sleep: The sensational model also believes in getting a lot of sleep. By her own admission, she cannot function without 7 or 8 hours of sleep every day. Sleep helps her relax her body and mind and gives her energy to be active for the strenuous fashion shows.
Running: Though the beauty has not revealed her exercise routine to any credible source, she has admitted to performing cardio exercises. Her favorite exercise is running. Whenever she has time to exercise, she runs a lot. It is a healthy habit that helps her burn off excess calories and keeps the body active and flexible.

Kendall’s Opinion on Weight Loss

The breathtaking model believes that losing weight does not necessarily believe changing your diet. You can do it by changing your lifestyle. You should be the one to adopt more healthy habits and opt for foods that have less fat.

Self Image is Vital

Kendall also believes that women should not worry too much about how they look. Women should also not let the haters bring them down. If you feel good about yourself, you should not let “what others think” crowd your mind. You should also opt for dieting to keep yourself happy.

Having family support helps but you need to set your own goals and keep yourself motivated. Adding motivational quotes and photos to your bedroom mirror can be a good idea as it will help you to eat right and exercise regularly.


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