3 Health Shots

Let's say you have woken up with a hangover and feeling dehydrated, lacking energy and can’t get out of bed, or perhaps you feel a cold coming on, let us help.  Our 3 Health shots will help you take on your day, reduce nausea and rehydrate your body.


Immunity Booster

1 tsp. honey

1 tsp. tobasco

2 tbsp. lemon juice

1 drop ginger tea

2 tsp. fresh ginger juice

1 tbsp. juiced turmeric

4 tbsp. orange juice

slice of jalapeno


The jalapeno will help clear your sinuses, and OJ comes packed with antioxidants and vitamin C to boost your immunity.


Hangover Help

130ml kombucha

1 tsp. lemongrass tea

1 tsp. fresh ginger juice

2 drops bitters

garnish with fresh ginger


The ginger will help ease any hangover related nausea.


Hydration elixir

100ml coconut water

1 tsp chai tea

garnish with fresh mint


Coconut water is rich in electrolyte to help you rehydrate, fast.

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