Know your body type!

Do you work extra hard in the gym and don’t seem to see (or feel) the benefits paying off?  When you are working extra hard to tone your body and be the best version of yourself, or training towards a specific goal, it is important to know and have an understanding of your body type.  There are three basic body types, that can be all the difference in your training goal!  It is important to know and understand your body type, as each body type will respond differently to exercise.



People with the ectomorph body type tend to find it difficult to gain weight, muscle mass or fat.  They are a slim build and often have an extremely fast metabolism.  This is why some people can eat mountains of food yet they cannot gain weight.  If you are an ectomorph your workouts need to be resistance training based, to help build and shape muscles.



People with the mesomorph body type have naturally athletic builds and can gain and lose weight with relative ease.  They find it easier to gain muscle definition and weight than an ectomorph.  A combination of resistance and endurance training will work extremely well for people with this body type.



People with the endomorph body type tend to have a slow metabolism.  They find gaining muscle and fat relatively easy, but can find it difficult to lose weight.  A high level of endurance training, with some resistance training will work best for people with this body type.


It is important to note that the different body types are only a basic foundation and some people can even be a combination of body types.

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