5 ways to improve your workout


Wanting to get the most out of your workouts that you can? We have some top tips with how to continue your workouts and bring about the best results.  We all know that feeling after a workout where you think to yourself “is that it?” it may not seem like your best workout, but it is much better than doing nothing at all.  Follow our 5 simple tips to improve your workout.  So how do you improve your workouts?


Watch your form

Like the old saying goes, quality is much more important than quality.  Make your with every exercise that you are using correct form and therefore isolating the correct muscles.  It is important to maintain food form as doing an exercise incorrectly can put yourself at risk of injury.  Complete the exercises slow and correct, you will get a better results than rushing through.


Play Music

Music is a fantastic motivator when you are exercising.  Set up your own playlist that has all your favourite up beat, pump up songs. 


Stay hydrated

Dehydration will not aid your exercise output.  If you are even just the tiniest bit dehydrated it will make it difficult to put in your best efforts.  Make sure you stay adequately hydrated throughout the day and increase water consumption after exercise.



Stretching before you start your exercise gives your body the opportunity to warm up. Foam rolling is an excellent form of stretching that helps to improve flexibility and relieve sore muscles, stretch before you exercise and foam roll after!


Start with your weakest exercise first

You need to keep your exercises whole body focused!  So if there are any exercises that you struggle to complete with correct form, focus on these first.  You can then approach these exercises with a fresh mind and fatigue will not effect your exercise execution.


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