Australian Nutritionists and what they eat for breakfast.



I start my day with a warm lemon water followed by an unsweetened matcha latte made with a splash of almond milk. The colour (bright green!) makes me deeply happy as you know it’s good for you, plus the relaxed alertness matcha delivers is far preferable to a post coffee high and ensuing crash. My favourite go-to breakfast at this time of year is a plant-based smoothie bowl topped with fresh fruit, hemp seeds, my Love Smoothies Breakfast Sprinkles and a dollop of coconut yoghurt. No matter the flavour I always mange to sneak in some vegetables, my favourites being kale, spinach, frozen zucchini & beetroot. I love the vibrant colours, crunch from toppings and hydration from the fresh fruit and veggies. It truly makes my cells zing!




I’m a smoothie girl – water, chia seeds, fresh spinach, raspberries, avocado, coconut cream, cinnamon and pea protein are staple ingredients, and I occasionally add kale if it’s in season or nut butter if I have a batch freshly made at home. It’s one of the most nutrient dense way to start the day, packed with protein, good fats and vegetables. Vegetables for breakfast are essential in my book.





Sometimes I eat breakfast and sometimes I do not eat breakfast – and it all depends on my hunger levels. Instead of following a meal plan, I follow my body and wait until I feel hungry to eat.

When my appetite is ready, I have my healthy favourites. For breakfast, I love a serve of Jalna yoghurt, topped with linseeds, pepitas and sunflower seeds. Eating yoghurt every day is such a healthy way to balance the good bacteria in my stomach, which not only helps with digestion but it improves my mood. The unprocessed seeds help to keep me feeling full for a long time, avoiding energy lulls and mood swings.

I always start my morning with my daily cup of coffee with milk, no sweeteners. I’ve retrained my taste buds to like coffee without sweetness – it is possible and worth the few weeks it takes to adjust!





Breakfast is what I have first thing and this usually consists of a fruit smoothie because it’s nourishing, delicious & quick and easy, plus I usually drink it in the car on the way to my first client. Until recently my most common smoothie was a banana smoothie made with frozen banana, soy milk (unsweetened), scoop of oats & chia seeds. Now that mangos are in season, I’m having banana mango smoothies





My brekkie is all about smoothies at the moment, i always mix it up but generally it involves a handful of spinach, something nice and sweet like frozen banana or berries, then a handful of nuts, a touch of coconut yogurt then coconut water or almond milk. If i’m travelling and know it might be a while till my next meal then i’ll add a healthy protein powder too. Sometimes I top it off with a little home made paleo granola! It’s delish! I love it because it 





I eat loads of stuff for brekky but generally whatever I make will include oats, either porridge, or in smoothies, or oat flour in muffins or pancakes. I love oats because they are high in beta-glucans which lower Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and total cholesterol and are protective against heart disease. They are high in soluble fibre making you feel fuller for longer, so great to have especially when you’re on the go or as a pre-workout snack. They also have a low glycaemic index so you won’t get blood sugar spikes, just a nice long, slow energy burn, and they have a plain taste so you can add them to anything and flavour them however you like!




I love scrambled eggs in the morning because they really fill me up and are nutritious too. I have a little secret to making them taste really good. Cook them over a low heat slowly and add a pinch of nutmeg and a little bit of lemon zest!




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