Cut the chemicals

The unknown long-term effects of the chemicals and toxins in the food we eat is a billion dollar question.  If there is one thing we all agree on is that we can all benefit from cutting back on foods that are toxic, just in case.


Look for organic

When you do the grocery shopping it can be difficult to decipher the good from the bad.  Its important to look at the products and choose the products that contain the “certified organic” stamp.  This stamp means the food product has been approved by an independent third party and complies with strict organic processing methods.  Be careful as the wording on the labels can be misleading.


Keep it clean

Consider to switching to green, environment friendly home cleaners and don’t forget to look in the pantry for natural alternatives.  Baking soda to scrub sinks or even white vinegar, water and lavender oil for a surface wipe.


Know your plastics

Ignore “microwave safe” labels and try not to heat plastic containers or wrap.  These processes allow harmful chemicals to transfer into the food and drink we consume.


Up the fibre

Our ancestors used to get 100-150 grams of fibre a day, the typical Australian is only consuming 15-20 grams a day.  Increasing the fibre in the gut can assist the body to rid itself of toxins.



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