6 Foods to eat to fuel your run


  1. Banana
    Carbohydrates plus potassium help prevent muscle cramps
  2. Berry and oat smoothie
    A valuable hit of low GI carbs for longer lasting fuel
  3. Walnuts
    Nuts can reduce inflammation and up endurance
  4. Low fat greek yoghurt with muesli and pepitas
    Protein-rich yoghurt for muscle repair and calcium to help prevent stress fractures. Pepitas are packed with magnesium, essential for energy production.
  5. Whole meal toast with baked beans
    Provides a dose of carbohydrates and a plant-based source of protein for muscle repair.
  6. Salmon with sweet potato and asparagus
    Filled with anti-inflammatory omega-3 fats, protein for muscle recovery, low GI carbohydrates for glycogen restoration and vitamin A for immune function.

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