Top 3 Health Tribes

Here we have explained the top 3 health trends, in an attempt to give you some insight into the reasoning behind their lifestyle and diet choices. Hopefully the information below can provide the blueprint for a healthier, happier you.


The Clean eaters

Clean eating is when you consume foods that are unprocessed (contain no preservatives and additives) and in their most natural form.  This maximises the intake of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that occur naturally in foods (processed foods tend to lose most of their nutritional value through processing methods). Its simply about opting for local, seasonal produce and going back to basics, clean eaters tend to adopt the farm to table approach. Clean eating is not necessarily about weight loss, however could be the secret to a healthy and lean figure.


The Juicers

The juicing trend is a convenient way to fulfil your fruit and vegetable targets in a glass of fresh pressed juice. Fresh juices are a quick, efficient and tasty method to ensure your body is receiving optimum nutrients that are essential for health and wellbeing. The juicing health trend does not have to be a meal replacement rather a meal enhancer or a snack, its as simple as swapping one meal with a filling nourishing juice and some healthy snacks rather than a filling, heavy and refined meal.


The No-Cook crowd

Why waste your time, energy and strength on organising healthy meal prep for the week? When it can be done for you!! Many companies these days’ cook, prepare and deliver clean and nourishing meals to your door! These meals are usually nutritionist created and approved and are cooked fresh to you, so contain no additives or preservatives. Whether it’s a few healthy weeknight meals or a total diet overhaul, healthy meal delivery services are becoming a lifesaver in this busy world.

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