14 Day Detox Diet

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Maybe you are starting a Teatox and want a little extra help/diet advice or maybe you're wanting a natural easy detox, either way, our 14 Day Detox guide has you covered!

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  • I have always had trouble driking water but since I discovered teadetox I clearly saw à difference in my skin and also in my digestion. À big thank you

    tatianne on
  • Thank you so much for this! Love that you spread the health and love vibes through your platform!

    JojoGracie on
  • Love all your posts!! But I esp needed a detox plan after my recent travel to Bali.

    Dana on
  • Would love to try it out. Have been using SMT teatox for a couple of times already.

    HILARY SU on
  • Thank you so much for this detox plan! I’ve been searching​ for a good free detox

    Rachel Austin on

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