Health Is A Numbers Game

Ever heard of paint by numbers? We have a variation on the old favourite. Here are some interesting statistics on numbers and how they’re relevant to your health.

20 MINUTES: is when you should start powering down your electronics before bed. 8 GRAMS OF FIBRE: should be eaten at breakfast to control your blood sugar throughout the day. 30 MINUTES: is the time you should wait to brush your teeth after a meal. 2,000: is the standard number of calories that is recommended for women to consume each day. 21 DAYS: is the time it takes to break a bad habit. 150: is the number of minutes you should work out each week. UNDER 100: is the ideal number for normal LDL (unhealthy cholesterol). 300: is the amount of extra calories consumed by those who don’t get a good night’s sleep. 7 HOURS OF SLEEP: is the minimum you should aim for each night. 2.5 LITRES: of water a day will keep you hydrated; about 20 per cent comes from food. Drink 8-9 glasses of water for the rest.  TWO: dental checkups each year. ONE: glass of wine each day can reduce the risk of heart disease, lower depression and improve your memory. SEVEN: is the number of minutes you need to burn fat and blast calories doing a HIIT workout.

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