The Most Amazing Detox Destinations!

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With the season in full-swing, we’re reminded that, while we’re the first to admit we love a holiday filled with indulgences, coming home from a getaway full of “cheat days” can leave us feeling less than rested.

For a truly restful getaway, why not consider a resort or spa that offers restorative experiences and a bit of clean living? Our favorite travel site, Tablet Hotelsicon, is sharing their ten favorite spots for the perfect detox holiday. Re-evaluate your definition of indulgence and consider one of these luxurious hotspots to book a truly clean break!

Alajuela, Costa Rica — This Costa Rican escape, named for the Greek god of healing, is less about preserving an ecosystem and more about rejuvenating the body and soul.
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Shanghai, China — The megalopolis of Shanghai may seem an odd choice for unplugging, but this twenty-six-story tower hides soothing interiors and a world-class Anantara wellness center. Take me there!

Uluwatu, Bali — Both Bali and the original Bulgari Hotel would be fine choices for a high-luxury detox — combine the two and you’ve got a pairing that’s just about untouchable.
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Nha Trang, Vietnam — Just across the bay from busy Nha Trang on a lush, mountainous peninsula is a villa compound that gives the word ‘hideaway’ an extra dimension of meaning.
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Big Sur, California — If the essence of the California coast is to be found anywhere, it’s here: Ventana is the original Big Sur luxury resort, and the experience is one-of-a-kind.
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Amalfi Coast, Italy — A short ferry hop from Naples and you’re on the island of Ischia, the opposite of Naples in every way — which, when it comes time to relax, is only a good thing.
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Sedona, Arizona — Here the name just about says it all: the gorgeous Red Rock country around Sedona, Arizona is the Southwest’s mecca for spiritually inclined luxury travel.
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Koh Samui, Thailand — There are few places more stunning than Koh Samui without the crowds, and the folks at Anantara know a thing or two about recharging the body and mind.
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Playa del Carmen, Mexico — Between the party towns of Playa del Carmen and Cancún is an unspoiled enclave that’s wholly dedicated to the sublime beauty of the Caribbean Coast.
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