A beauty regime isn’t always just about looks—it can also be a soothing, stress-relieving experience. (Thus, why a mani-pedi or day at the spa always sounds so appealing!) Bonus: combatting stress is a surefire way to look and feel better. Here are 10 quick and easy DIY beauty tips (as in, under 5 minutes) that let you relax while you pamper and beautify yourself.

1. TAKE A SHOWER. A long, luxurious bath isn’t always an option, so if a quick shower is your go-to bathing method, keep a stash of these DIY aromatherapy shower tablets nearby so you can grab one on your way in.

2. USE A HEALING LOTION. Make your (probably limited) post-shower bathroom time count by slathering on this DIY calendula-aloe lotion, which calms and heals skin and boosts collagen production.

3. GIVE YOURSELF A MANICURE. If you can’t get to the nail salon, give yourself an at-home manicure. Here are all the supplies you need, and a guide to the prettiest, must-have colors this year. Trust us, zoning out while working on your nails is a surefire way to relax, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

4. INDULGE CHOCOLATE CRAVINGS. Everyone knows chocolate is an instant stress-buster. Instead of eating it (I know, I know…), try using it in your beauty routine. It smells amazing; I know even the scent of a yummy chocolate concoction can calm me down on a bad day! Mint Chocolate Sugar Scrub will slough off any dead skin, leaving you soft and smooth. (If you’ve got more time on your hands, try a Chocolate Milk Bath.)

5. TAKE TIME FOR TEA. Take a time-out and sip a cup of beauty-boosting detox tea. Mint, chamomile and turmeric teas are especially calming, and they all boast nutrients that are great for your skin.

6. MAKE WATER A TREAT. Hydration is key to keeping skin moisturized and healthy-looking, and for flushing out pore-clogging toxins. Pop some infused water in the fridge and you’ll be more inclined to fill up your glass or bottle throughout the day. And you’ll get the beauty benefits of whatever fruits, veggies or herbs you use.

7. STOP AND SMELL THE ESSENTIAL OILSRelaxing DIY ayurvedic aromatherapy oils can be used for massage, or if you just need a quick boost, inhale from the bottle. Many of these essential oils will help lift your mood, too.

8. MAKE TIME FOR SLEEP. Get better beauty sleep with these simple before-bed DIYs. The body spray and face mask can be done in no time!

9. INCORPORATE FLOWERS. Roses are great for stress relief and skin, and their scent can’t be beat. Decompress while you take care of your beauty routine with these easy rose DIYs. (We especially love the rose-chamomile calming face scrub and rosewater toner.)

10. EXHALE. This sounds a little too simple, but remember to breathe! A naturopath once told me to stop what I was doing once an hour to simply close my eyes and take 3-4 deep breaths—and it totally works. It’s instant relaxation, especially if you work at a computer a lot. (All that squinting will give you wrinkles and bleary eyes!) I always go back to work re-energized, and those little breaks made me realize how much I was clenching my jaw. Give it a try!


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