Health Benefits of Yoga


1. Improved Flexibility

The more committed you are to your yoga routine, the more your flexibility will develop. Tight and inflexible muscles can lead to all sorts of back, hip and postural issues. As your flexibility increases so does your muscles ability to stretch and loosen into poses you once thought impossible. As we age flexibility and mobility naturally decrease, yoga can prevent and prolong this process. 

2. Increased Strength

The resistance we add to our bodies during our daily practice creates the stronger and leaner muscles. Strong muscles don’t only improve our ability to hold a pose but are protective of arthritis, back pain and falls in the elderly.

3. Increased blood flow

Relaxation exercises can help increase blood flow and circulation to your body’s extremities (hands and feet) and vital organs. The increased blood flow supplies more oxygen around the body and improves our cells functionality.

4. Drains your lymph’s and boosts immunity

The stretching, contracting and flowing of your muscles during a yoga sequence increase the drainage of you lymphatic system. This increased drainage helps the lymphatic system fight infection, destroy cancerous cells dispose toxic waste built up in our bodies.

5. Helps you focus

Focus is an important element in any yoga class. Regular yoga practice helps to improve coordination, reaction time and memory. People who regularly practice mediation display the ability to problem solve, recall information and become less distracted by their thoughts.

6. Fights food cravings.

Breath awareness techniques practiced regularly in yoga classes strengthen the mind-body connection. The awareness can help you tune in to certain emotions that are involved with certain cravings.

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