Delicious Acai Smoothie Bowl Recipe

Smoothie Bowls are the new breakfast trend that are loved for a reason. You can customize you bowl however you like with fruit, greens, avocado, frozen banana, berries whatever you fancy!


1x Acai frozen berry pulp sachet (unsweetened).

1x Frozen Banana

½ cup of raw coconut milk (you can add or minus depending on the consistency you prefer)

1 teaspoon of organic honey (optional)


Add these to your blender or food processor and blend until the desired consistency.

Top your smoothie bowl with toppings of choice. Here are a few we recommend that have oodles of nutritional benefits.

Fresh Strawberries/blueberries/raspberries

Chia Seeds

Coconut Flakes

Goji Berries


Passion fruit pulp

Cacao nibs

Bee Pollen

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