Quick Ab Workouts

Here is a quick, equipment free and simple core workout that will get your abs burning. You can do these anytime and anywhere!


 Side plank

Start by lying on your side with your knees straight. Use your forearm to hold your body upright, forming a diagonal line. Engage you core and hold this position for 1 minute with 30-second rest brakes. Repeat 3 times.

To make this exercise harder reach your arm towards to roof, or rest your hand on your waist.


Bridge Walk

Start in a pushup position; drop one elbow to the ground, and then the other, so you end up in a plank position.

Hold the plank for a few seconds; lift one elbow off the ground at a time to return to a push up position. This is one rep. Try 15 reps with a 20 second break. Do this 4 times.


Reverse Crunches

Lie on your back with your feet on the floor and knees together. Placing your palms face down on the ground. Pushing through your palms engage your abdominals to lift your hips off the floor, crunch you knees to your chest and hold. Lower your feet back down to the floor whilst maintaining a flat back. This is one rep. Do 15 reps with 20 seconds break between each. Do this four times.


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