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Gluten intolerance is becoming common in todays society. In todays day and age people with gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance or coeliac disease will need to avoid gluten to assist with gut health. Gluten in a protein found in wheat, rye, barely and oats.

Naturally Gluten Free Foods:
Foods such as fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, eggs, nuts, legumes, milk, fats and oil are all naturally gluten free and do not have to be avoided.

Products labeled ‘gluten free’:
It is important to read your product packaging and nutrition information to ensure your products do not contain gluten. Any product labeled as ‘gluten free’ takes the hassle out of reading the confusing labels, you can ensure this product is gluten free.

Products that are gluten free by ingredient:
If the ingredients list on the product contains wheat, rye, barely or oats then the product must declare this on the package. It is also important to avoid cross contamination by avoiding products that state ‘may contain gluten’.

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  • Samantha Davies

    I see the evening tea blend is labelled ‘now gluten free’ but I am unsure if the morning one is gluten free or not. Can someone please let me know before purchasing. Thanks, Sam Davies

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