10 Reasons to Cut Soft Drinks



High Sugar
There are 16 serves of Sugar in a 160ml bottle of soft drink. Diets high in sugar increase individual risk of diabetes and obesity.

Not being able to pronounce half the ingredients listed on the back of the your daily soda is not a good sign.

Save your money
Buying a soft drink every day can really add up $$. Choose water instead, its free and can be flavored naturally.

The Sugar in soft drinks destroy your teeth and the acid dissolves tooth enamel.

“Sugar Free”
Aspartame is an addictive sweetener that is added to soft drinks. Aspartame can be linked to numerous adverse reactions.

Environmental Impact
The production and distribution of soft drink has a large detrimental impact to our environmental that depletes and destroys natural resources.

Bispehnol A is a chemical used in the lining of plastic soft drink bottles to protect food from contamination and extend shelf life.   Some studies have raised concerns that BPA exposure may cause health problems.

The colors and additives in Soft Drink are tainted with carcinogens.

Diet vs Normal
Instead of sugar diet drinks use artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, cyclamate, saccharin, acesulfame-k or sucralose.   Studies show that those who consume diet soft drinks in an attempt to lose weight will just consume these calories elsewhere.

Make your Own
Add natural flavors such as fresh fruit and herbs to natural mineral water to enjoy a sugar free sparkling drink.

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