5 Top Food Synergies For Health

We all have a friend or partner that brings out the best in us! Well, this too applies with food combinations. Pairing certain foods together can often bring out certain properties leading to greater nourishing properties. Next time you prepare a meal, think about these pairings below and incorporate into your daily favourite foods!
Here is a list of great food synergies - 
  1. Lemon (vitamin C) + Spinach (Iron) = assists Iron absorption
  2. Orange (vitamin C) + Kale (Iron) = assists Iron absorption
  3. Fish (vitamin D) + Broccoli (Calcium) = assists calcium absorption
  4. Lemon (vitamin C) + Green Tea = assists body to absorb antioxidants in Green Tea
  5. Banana + Yoghurt = helps with the absorption of muscle repairing glucose and amino acids 

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