Exercising Outdoors

Here are some simple out door activities that can help mix up your exercise routine.

1. Jogging/Walking

Finding a beautiful scenic running/walking track can take all the pain out of the exercise and even sometimes make it enjoyable.

2. Outdoor fitness classes
Everywhere you look these days there are outdoor exercise groups located at your local park or oval. It’s easier to stay motivated when you have a group to support you.

3. Walk your Dog

Having a pet can sometimes force us to exercise, dogs need walking daily that means so do you.

4. Hill Sprints/Stair Climbs

Go to your local beach they are full of ramps or stairs, perform sprint interval training on either of this to improve strength and fitness.

5. Beach workout

Any of your favourite workouts can be made much harder when performed on the sand. Whether it be the uneven surfaces or its sinking ability sand makes for a hard workout.

6.Park Workout

Take a look around your local park and I bet you will find all sorts of things to assist your workout. Do your pushups on a park bench, step ups on a seat and perform pull up on a money bar.

7.Jump Rope workout

The good thing about this is you can do it by your self of grab some friends. Skipping is great for cardio and is a good example of interval training.

8.Stand Up Paddle Board

Perhaps save this one for summer, Stand up Paddle Boarding is a great whole body workout that incorporates balance and strength. Another great outdoor exercise you can go solo or grab a friend.

9.Day Hikes

If you have a whole day to spare it’s a great idea to look up your local parks website to find all the local hiking tracks. Hikes are another great whole body workout that burns a lot of calories.

10.Roller Blading

Roller Blading is a fantastic alternative cardio exercise that mixes up your running or walking routine.   It improves fitness and whilst incorporating balance and strength. This is a great method to tone you legs and buttocks.

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