Healthy Food Substitutes

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There are some food staples that even weight loss cannot tempt us to steer away from. Here is a list of some foods and the healthy alternative to it.

Rice: brown rice, cauliflower rice, broccoli rice, quinoa

Milk/dairy: plain unsweetened natural yoghurt, chia pudding, full-fat yoghurt, rice milk, almond milk, oat milk, and coconut yoghurt

Canola Oil & Sunflower Oil: coconut oil, olive oil, butter, and flaxseed oil

Sugar: raw honey, rice bran syrup, agave syrup, 100% pure maple syrup, date paste

Flour: LSA, coconut flour, oat flour, almond meal

Processed foods: healthy snacks such as celery, carrot, nut mixes, seed mixes

Soft Drinks: sparkling mineral water with fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juices, detox water

 Try to choose organic foods where possible!


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