Spring Clean Your Mind & Body

Spring is the perfect time of year to take your yoga practice outdoors, go to the beach, local park or gardens and become one with nature as you improve your strength and flexibility.

Yoga is about creating balance in the body through the development of strength and flexibility.   What better way to develop your yoga routine then in a beautiful scenic location.  Taking yoga outdoors will add a different dimension to your practice as you embrace the outdoors and become with nature and the universe.

Have you ever tried yoga on a stand up paddleboard?  Being on the paddleboard means your centre of gravity is constantly shifting, this will test our balance and strength whilst enhancing your yoga practice.

Practicing yoga in new environments can bring about a sense of confidence in yourself and your routine, whilst getting as essential hit of Vitamin D.  Instead of playing on your mediation app that provides nature sounds why not finish your yoga routine with real time nature sounds, at the end of your practice enjoy some nice peaceful meditation whilst reflecting on your practice.


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